segunda-feira, agosto 09, 2004

Dream Job

jobs @ 8/4/2004

orkut is looking for a Content Manager to work in our Mountain View, CA office!

Are you a self-motivated, fun, positive, team player committed to bringing out the best in yourself and others? If so, you may be a perfect addition to the orkut team. We're looking for a Content Manager who will be responsible for the development, writing, scheduling and management of all content pertaining to the website - letters, newsletters, columns, as well as various daily tasks.

As a Content Manager, you will:

- Read and review the great content generated by our users, and identify exemplary work to publicize. (Já tenho vastíssima experiência nisso.)
- Contribute original writing to the website.
- Be the designated contact for suggestions and updates to the site's content.
- Cultivate relationships with our dedicated users. Find out who they are, and help them to - contribute on a regular basis. (Bater papo e ainda ser pago por isso? Oh boy...)
- Get to hang out with the coolest team around, including Orkut himself!

Pena q é para native speakers.

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